Where to Get the Power on your Golf Swing

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In this section, Shawn Clement makes an introduction on where the power comes from in the golf swing. On the downswing, the arm unit falls first and the club unit falls second so there is a gathering of momentum through the ball towards the target. 

In this section, Shawn Clement talks about a release through the ball and then talks about club head speed. You gather a range of motion on the backswing, plant your feet and the range of motion turns into momentum on the steady axis during the downswing and through the ball. The more centered your axis, the more inertia the center of your body has and the more the club can whip around. As you are about to hit the ball the grip pressure intensifies through the ball. More grip pressure means more compression on the golf ball. The compression factor is what gives spin, distance and penetrating trajectory to the ball. 

In this section, Shawn Clement talks about the importance of planting your feet solidly on the ground to put more power on your golf swing. He will also talk about the two sources of power on the golf swing which is effortless club head speed through the golf and compression. 

In this section, Shawn Clement reviews the grip pressure & posture to put more power in your swing.

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