Using Inertia

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In this section, Shawn Clement makes an introduction and talks about an event in the Olympics which is hammer throw and explains a great analogy.

When they start holding to a hammer which is basically like a ball in the end of the chain they will wave it back and forth and then start twirling it overhead and they go with the body. As they are going with the body, the inertia is so strong it needs both shoulders to control the ball. Before they throw you can see how the legs cross and jam so that they can release the hammer. You will see how the body needs to turn to get away from the motion of the hammer. If they stop turning the hammer would wrap around their body.

When you are swinging the club back and through without stopping, feel a centrifugal pull or inertial pulling on both your shoulders. If your right shoulder is out of position inertia cannot pull on your right shoulder but if your right arm in the proper position where both elbows are close together in front of your chest and your chest is turning with the shoulders you will be able to hit the ball with more power and accuracy. The only way that a chest can turn with the shoulders is if the rest of the lower body turns with it.  If your body stops turning everything collapses against you. And If your posture is proper and you got the right knee flex you will be able to resist the inertia that your body undergoes during the golf swing and maintain your balance.

As you swing the club back and through without stopping in the perpetual motion drill see how and feel how inertia is tugging nicely on both shoulders at the same time.

A heavy club is perfect to feel how inertial pulls at your shoulders at the same time. You will also feel how your stacked position is staying proper in the back and through. If you are stacked throughout the swing you will feel tremendous inertial pulling on your shoulders. After you feel inertial pulling at your shoulders, do a couple of golf swings and feel how you are hitting through the shot with that pull of inertial.

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