Uphill Chip Shot and Short Pitch

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In this section, Shawn Clement makes an introduction and talks about uphill chip shots that will help in your scoring ability around the greens.

If the lie is not too severe and you want the ball to check a little bit on the green and you do not want it to roll out you can go ahead and keep the weight on the front side. You will have a tendency to skip slightly into the slope that will impart a little more spin to the ball and you will also have a tendency to come out lower. Make sure though that you hit the ball first and the ground second. Make sure that the head stays behind the ball even though your weight is in front of the ball.

If the slope gets even more severe however,  the put your weight on the back foot for support and keep the weight on the inside of that back foot. From there, follow the slope with the skip. You will notice it is still a shoulder movement and do not try to keep the lower body quite as long as the pressure point stays on the inside of the right hip, right knee and right ankle. This technique will give you the stability when chipping uphill and land the ball nice and soft and roll out as little bit.  

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