Tips on the Fairway Bunker

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In this section, Bobby Eldridge makes an introduction and talks about making golf shots on the fairway bunker as one of the top 5 challenging shots that you will encounter in playing golf. He will then explain why most people struggle in making a fairway shot. When doing a fairway shot, do not use a wooden golf club as the sole of the wooden golf club is a lot wider than that of an iron. If you hit a fairway shot using a wooden golf club, the sole of the club catches the ground and makes the wooden golf club skid increasing your chance to top the ball or hit it under. 

In this section, Bobby Eldridge will teach you how to get the golf ball out of a fairway bunker. He will use an 8 iron and position the ball in the middle of his stance while putting a little bit of weight on the left leg and putting the handle of the golf club over towards his left side and finally swing his arms up and down. 

In this section, Bobby Eldridge reviews the correct way to hit a 125 yard fairway shot.

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