The Hips #2

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In this section, Steve Bishop makes an introduction and elaborates more on the hip action during the golf swing.

The push off with the right leg needs to have a direction which will put you in a balanced position. Understand that your hind end establishes the backside and basically the background boundary to where your weight is while your shoulders establishes with the forward progression of where your balance is. The deeper you get the more knee flex you have. The taller your stand up the narrower your ability to maintain the balance. A little bit of knee bend is good.

The hip action does two key things; it maintains your balance and also maintains the axis tilt.

The tilt back over to the right and over to the ball is what is going to allow your right shoulder to move downward towards the golf ball. This could happen with the proper hip action. The right hip should go push into the direction towards the target which will also move your left hip away. This will twist your hips which will not affect your spine angle. It is important to have that hip bump to go along with the turn.

The reason why you should push off with the right is because you are loading up all of your weight unto your right leg. Because all of the pressure is on the right foot, use it to push the body away and forward with the hips first. By doing this you are causing the hips to rotate and do the hip bump to get that axis tilt ready for impact. Instead of trying to clear the left hip, push the right hip forward.  The direction of the right hip and right knee should be right over the toe of your left foot. This will cause your spine tilt to increase slightly puts the golf ball directly in the path of the golf swing.

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