Short Game with Heavy Gloves & True Impact Device

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In this section, Shawn Clement makes an introduction and talks about using the heavy gloves in your short game. Let your hands hang from the shoulders while on a stock body position. The heavy gloves will aid you in positioning your body correctly from the ball; if you are reaching out for the ball you will be able to feel that the muscles in your shoulders are tense. This can be applied in chipping, pitching and bunker shots. The heavy gloves will also improve your awareness on the momentum and gravity of your golf swing.

In this section, Shawn Clement will talk about the hinging aspect of the swing. Using the gloves and holding the club straight in front of you, you will be able to see a nice parallel box between the back of both hands. Swing the club back and forth like you are doing the medicine ball drill with both of your hands equidistant from the body on the backswing and the takeaway. In pitching while on the backswing, momentum will fold the right arm and as the right hand folds the wrists are going to hinge and at the top of the swing the back if both hands are parallel. If the back of both hands are parallel on top of the backswing the club face will be in perfect position.

In this section, Shawn Clement will demonstrate a golf swing using the true impact device that is attached to his forearm and the bottom part of the device is attached to the club. This device will teach you the proper hinging of the wrist during the golf swing. Shawn Clement will then demonstrate swinging using the true impact device. You will see that on the back swing you will see the hinging action of the wrist and when it comes back down and through the ball you can see that the right arm extends and the left arm folds out of the way and forces your hands to release right over and gives expansiveness to the swing. The true impact device will also help you practice on the proper release through the shot and you can also practice your putting and chipping with this device.


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