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In this section, Steve Bishop will talk about one of the most important thing on improving your golf game by creating an evaluation so that you can understand the distinctive differences between what you are trying to do and what you are actually doing. You can often see other golfers making a perfect golf swing during practice but on the actual game they tend to deliberately hit the ball and slice it or hit it off shot. This has a lot to do with mental connection during the game.

Rate what you are trying to do on a scale of 1 to 10 and the first you do is figure what it is that you are going to evaluate. It is however recommended to evaluate the finish because it is the product of the swing that you make.

In this particular example, find the finish that you want to have. Point the butt of the club at the target with both your elbows out in front of your chest with the belly also pointing at the target and the weight on the front foot. At address, get a picture of what you want your posture will be at the finish. Do some practice swing and then mimic the posture that you want at the finish and then rate it.

The next step is to step up into the golf ball and hit it while trying to achieve that picture in your mind of the perfect posture at the finish. Do not worry about where the ball is going and focus on your finish and then rate it.

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