Learning with Kinesis Part 2

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In this section, Shawn Clement will show the third exercise using another type kinesis machine that will improve your leverage. This exercise will also show you the proper hip turn and head movement; the rotation and the flow around your head will make your golf swing more consistent and accurate. 

In this section, Shawn Clement will show you the last exercise using another type of kinesis machine. In this exercise, the kinesis machine is attached to your left hip while you do the golf swing. This will teach you how to find your centeredness when doing a golf swing and improve your leverage on the backswing and the follow through. 
In this section, Shawn Clement will teach you how to apply in your golf swing what you have learned from the kinesis machine. If your tendency is to sway off the ball imagine that you are doing the Kinesis Exercise 1 or the Kinesis Exercise 4. 

In this section, Shawn Clement will talk about the takeaway and the movement into the backswing and how the kinesis machine improves your awareness on your golf swing. Practicing on the machine will make sure that in your swing everything is falling into place like your chest, head, arms, hips, knees and legs. Shawn Clement also talks about how the kinesis machine aids you to understand how the body turns and returns without sacrificing your set-up and your posture.

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