Learn with Kinesis part 1

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In this section, Shawn Clement makes an introduction and talks about the kinesis fitness equipment which is the best golf training aid that you find. Golf training using the Kinesis fitness equipment will examine your golf swing and how you are maintaining your balance and your platform throughout the swing and how efficiently you are clearing in both directions and how efficiently you use the ground to promote power in your swing. 

In this section, Shawn Clement talks about using the ground to promote power in your swing. The efficiency of the swing starts from the ground up.

In this section, Shawn Clement will show you one of the exercises using the Kinesis machine. It is also the same exercise that is being used in the golf performance program. This exercise does only work your body but also all of the specific moves in your golf swing. You can improve your awareness on the movement of the golf swing like rotation of your left knee, the movement of your hips and your arms 

In this section, Shawn Clement will introduce another exercise using another Kinesis machine. This time, this exercise is about your posture, proper feet position and will also show you what it feels like when you are coming through the golf ball. 

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