Knee Fix part 2

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In this section, Shawn Clement makes an introduction and talks about how famous and professional golf players glue their feet to the ground when making a full golf swing. Planting your feet solid on the ground throughout the backswing up to the downswing and through is the key to get power in your golf swing.

In this section, Shawn Clement will demonstrate a golf swing while remaining flat footed throughout the entire stroke very much like he is pretending that he is hitting from an uphill lie. At the end of the swing, the right foot is still solidly planted on the ground and the left leg is backed underneath and gets support from both knees, both hips and both ankles. That is what allows you not to stress out your left foot. You chest and hips are still aimed at the target at the end of the swing and it actually helps you clear your left side better when your right foot is firmly on the ground. It forces the left hip back around. He also talks about another technique which is the same as the precious one only that the right heel comes off the ground well after impact and at the end of the golf swing, the left knee, left hip and left ankle supports the left leg.

In this section, Shawn Clements will demonstrate the golf swing that he was talking about earlier with both feet firmly planted on the grounded through the swing and only well after impact do the right heel come off the ground.

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