Hitting Bunker & Sand Trap Shots Like a Pro

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Introdution to hitting bunker shots and sand trap shots like a pro
In this section, Bobby Eldridge talks about the importance of aim when making a bunker shot and will teaches the importance of proper body alignment and ball flight line.
In this section, Bobby Eldridge talks about the two common mistakes in the backswing while making a sand trap shot. He also talks about the down swing and how important is it to have a layer of sand between the club and the ball at impact.
In this section, Bobby Eldrige talks about controlling the ball not with the swing speed and length of the club but with the amount of loft you have on the sand ridge at impact. 
In this section Bobby Eldridge talks about the proper golf swing to use when making a bunket shot. The position of the ball, the weight distribution of your body and the proper club handle position is also discussed in this section.

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