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In this section, Steve Bishop makes an introduction and talks about how to hit your driver.

You need to make sure that the shaft flex that you have in your driver matches the rest of the golf clubs in your set. You do not want to be swinging a different type of club because you are going to get a different response from the shaft. Get your club fit to make sure that all your golf clubs has the same shaft flex.

Don’t pick a driver with 7-8 degree loft. Its not going to get the ball up in the air and you will only end up teeing the ball high and make a golf swing that will produce a shot that will get the ball up in the air. Instead, pick a high-lofted driver.

Grip the club like you normally use to and take note of the width of your stance. For the ball position, you need to understand where the low point of your golf swing is and the low point of your golf swing is always going to basically center around where the left shoulder is at the time the club reaches the ball or where its full extension meet where the club head and the left shoulder are in line. Position the ball in line with the heel of your left foot.

The hands need to be in the same spot on every club. The hands should always be in the inside of your left thigh.

The appropriate tee height varies from person to person but you can tee the ball where the equator of the golf ball is slightly just on top of the line of the club. If you tee the ball higher you are going to have the tendency to swing up on it and if you tee the ball lower you are going to have the tendency to swing down on it.

In driving, it is important to have the proper amount of tilt in your set up. If you tilt your body up on the left what is going to happen is you are going to hit down on the ball and if you set too far back on your right foot you are going to be trying to hit up on the ball. To figure out how much tilt you should have, use a gold club and vertically hold it against your chest where the club face is on your chin and the handle pointing to the ground. Tilt your body so that the inside of your left knee is struck by the grip of the club. You can determine if you are over tilting if your left hip is over the heel of your left foot or your shoulder is over the heel of your right foot.

Do not set club on the ground when you address the ball, instead hover the club.When you hover the club at address, when you do the backswing there is nothing that is going to get in the way of the path on the downswing. Hover the club about square to where you want the center of contact to be on the club face right behind the ball.

Keep the same swing attitude as if you are hitting a 7-iron or 6-iron or any other club in your bag. The only difference is the ball position and a little bit of adjustment at address.

Steve Bishop demonstrates his driver swing.

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