Greenside Bunkers

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In this section, Steve Bishop makes an introduction on how to get out of the bunker

You get 3 basic types of lies on the bunker; the buried lie, the fluffy lie, and the thin lie.

Bounce is the thickness of the sole of the club. Sand wedges has more bounce and pitching wedges has a lot less. With a lesser bounce you can dig into the sand while with more bounce the club has the more it is going to bounce into the sand.

Make sure to dig in into the sand a little bit when hitting a ball on a thin lie to develop a cushion of sand between the club face and the ball. Use a pitching wedge with less bounce or if you do not have a club with thinner sole you can close the club face so that you can dig through the sand before you hit the ball. Make sure you have enough loft on the club to be able to get the ball up in the air.

If you are hitting a ball on a fluffy like make sure you do not hit too much sand. Too much sand does not allow for enough velocity to the ball to get it out of the bunker. Since the ball already has enough sand under it, use a club that will bounce a little bit more that will help limit how much sand is going to get on the face. A 56 degree sand wedge is appropriate for getting a ball that is on a fluffy lie out of the bunker. Utilize the bounce of the club and open up the club face and make sure that the bottom edge of the club hits the sand. Adjust you position to compensate for the open club face to avoid hitting the ball and sending it more into the right.

Hitting a ball on a buried life is a bit difficult. Use a sand wedge and close the club face down a little bit, by doing so it will ensure that you will dig into the ball with enough loft.

Open the club face and align yourself more or less to the left to compensate. Hit the sand about 2 inches behind the ball to get enough cushion between the club and the ball. Address the 2-inch spot instead of the ball. Don’t focus too much on the ball, instead focus on that spot in the sand where you want the club head to strike.

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