Golf Magazine March 08 part 2 - Shifting your Weight

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In this section, Shawn Clement makes an introduction and discusses about the contents of the March issue of Golf Magazine. He will discuss about the articles in the magazines like the new fundamentals of golf and the old way and the new way to shift your weight. In shifting your weight, do not try to shift your weight purposely, the weight shifts as a result of a good turn in your back swing.

In this section, Shawn Clement will discuss about two conflicting articles that are in the magazine; How to Start Down by Robert Baker that talks about how to start down from your position on your right side and the previous article that talks about how to centered and to shift now weight. If you shift your weight too much to the right side and get stuck on your right side you have to push off and compensate on the downswing. The right thing to do is to pivot properly and you will be inside the right and falling into the left will be easy. The whole down swing is one legged shot around the forward leg instead of pushing out that will make you lose your brace, your centeredness and through yourself easily in front of the ball. 

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