Eliminating Tension

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In this section, Steve Bishop makes an introduction about eliminating tension during the entire golf swing. Being relaxed when doing the golf swing benefits consistency, distance and accuracy.

Relax your elbows.

Almost everybody takes the club away either rolled under or trying to pick it up. Do not leverage the club, instead swing the club. If you swing the club and everything moves along then there will be no tension when nothing is struggling against each other.

Another tension spot is when you try to lift the club up. Relax the elbows and the arms when you reach the top of the swing. Do not let your elbows stiffen in such a way that you hold the club and the club head points up into the sky.


From the top of the swing to the downswing, do not try to jerk the club down or throw the club back out.

Another tension spot is on impact. Do not tense up when you get to the ball, do not throw the club at the ball, do not pull through more with the ball and hold the club face open or hit down on the ball. By simply tilting correctly and staying relaxed through impact your swing what comes naturally is the release.

Another tension spot is in the release part of the swing.
The tension in the finish comes in the lower back which is especially prone if you have balance issues.

To begin to eliminate tension identify when does it happen and how much does it happen. You can rate from 1-10 how relax you are during the takeaway, when you are lifting the club, during transition, on impact, on release and lastly on the finish.

The more you try to identify your tension area the more you are going to improve your wing. Knowing your own swing is important in a lot of aspects other than determining your tension areas.

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