Driver Swing Timing

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In this section, Boddy Eldridge makes an introduction and talks about one of the misunderstood term in golf which is timing. Timing is your ability to swing your arms and hands back to the golf ball as the left hip turns out of the way. The reason that the left hip should turn away is to let your hands and arms pass your body and wrap around you.
In this section, Bobby Eldridge explains why sometimes the ball goes to the right when doing a full swing. When your timing is off and your body is turning out in front of the golf club as you hit the ball it will send the ball to the right. To correct your timing if you are hitting the ball and sending it off to the right is to slow the button half of your body down and speed up the top part. You can also off your timing when your hand aand arms are quicker than the bottom. To correct it, spped up the bottom and then catch up with the hand and arms. 
In this section, Bobby Eldridge talks about how to fix and find you timing by practicing. Go to a parctice facilty and hit thousands of pitching wedges. Practicing is the easiest wayto find your timing. Do not practice your timing on the type of golf club that you are struggling with. Istead, practice on the club that you are doing well with.
In this section, Boby Eldridge will teach you how to determine if your timing is off. You will be able to know if your timing is off when your mishit pattern is not consistent.

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