Controlling the Ball Distance

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In this section, Bobby Eldridge will talks about controlling the different distances that you want your pitch shots to travel. He also states that when chipping you can control the distance by using different golf clubs while in pitching you need to change the golf swing to vary the distance.
In this section, Bobby Eldridge demonstrates how to control the ball distance by varying the the golf swing. if you want a small pitch, the length that the golf club should go in the backswing should be parallel to the ground. If you want the ball to travel a little further compared to the small pitch you should make sure that on the back swing the butt of the golf club points at the ground. For a long pitch shot, you take a full golf swing with the arms only and not with the body.
In this section, Bobby Eldridge demonstrates the varying degrees in a wedge and its effect on the distance that the ball will travel when hit.

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