Choosing the Right Driver for You

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In this section, Bobby Eldridge make and introduction and talks about how to choose the right kind of driver that suits you among the many kinds of driver available right now for purchase.

In this section, Bobby Eldridge recommends buying an L-shaft, or a ladies shaft. A senior shaft, or a-shaft, if you are a female golfer who is taller than the average female golfer is also available. If you are an amateur golfer, a new golfer or a female golfer who is strong enough you should choose an r-shaft, or a regular shaft. If you are a young player or a good player with 7-8 handicap, buy an s-shaft, or a stiff shaft. An s-shaft is a little harder to bend and if you swing the shaft fast enough it will make it flex at the right point. Lastly, for the real good player,  buy an x-shaft that is very hard to bend.

In this section, Bobby Eldridge talks about the different types of heads on the golf club. The more loft the head has the more backspin and the higher the ball goes when hit on impact. The flatter the face of the head, the less loft, the more the ball will curve from left or right when you hit it on impact. 

In this section, Bobby Eldridge recommends to lady players or to anyone who has small hands to buy a club with a junior grip. If you are a male golfer with big hands you should purchase a regular grip or a jumbo grip gold club

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