Chip and Hip Turn Update

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In this section, Shawn Clement makes an introduction and talks about chipping and pitching. If you are having trouble keeping the weight in your left foot and you tend to let the weight shift too much between the legs. Role your back foot (the right foot) inward so there is no weight on it and the leg feels completely relaxed and go through the perpetual motion drill. As you swing back and through your back foot remains rolled in which will force your butt to turn properly and keeps the pressure point against the left side back and through. Using a medicine ball, Shawn Clemens will do a drill that will make you understand the concept that gravity tracks the arms and the club and not your body. The arms and the club do not rely on the body for placement. Holding a medicine ball with your two hands, brace forward and swing the ball back and through with your left hand staying under your hand coming back and your right hand staying under your left hand coming through

In this section, Shawn Clement will demonstrate using the same hip turn to hit a full golf swing. The purpose of turning your hips is to allow your ribcage and the pelvis to completely get out of the way of the movement of the arms.

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