Braced Tilt Part 2

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In this section, Shawn Clement makes an introduction and revisits the braced tilt address position and will answer the question of what happens to the club face when you are in this position.

Use a 2x4 wood plank, put it on the ground and put the ball behind the 2x4. Position you self in the middle of the 2x4 and imagine that the 2x4 is a wall. To be able to hit the ball your head must be behind the ball. If your head is straight at the wall or in front of the ball you will not be able to see and hit the ball.

Do your standard address position with your head behind the ball, you can see how the club face is opening up and all you have to do is square it up and regrip it. In the backswing, you will notice that everything turns around that axis and how your head stays in the same position until on the downswing. You will also notice that the only way that your head can remain in the same position is if you put your weight on your left side.

Use the mass of your shoulders, arms and club unit and the momentum of the swing to compress through the back of the ball while your weight is braced in your left leg.

While on a braced tilt position and your head behind the ball you will notice that the club face will have the tendency to open a bit. If you are right- handed, you can just leave the club face open while if you are left-handed you have to square it up. The correct club face position will also be determined by your ball flight, if you see the ball curving to the left  the club face is too closed and if you see the ball fly a little too high and a little too much to the right then your club face is too open.

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