Bilateral & Unilateral Golf Swing

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In this section, Shawn Clement make and introduction about the new dimension in the timing of the golf swing – the unilateral motion and the bilateral motion

In this section, Shawn Clement talks about the bilateral motion. As human beings we are already rigged to bilateral motion evident in the way we walk. When we walk there is a certain rhythm and bounce to our walk that makes it a fluid motion and we swing our arms naturally without thinking. In golf, we are talking about the falling in both directions of the arms in the swing and letting the motion fulfill itself. Like a pendulum, the golf swing should have a nice rhythm and a pause in between the change of directions. To achieve this there has to be the swinging of the arms. On the other hand, the unilateral motion is like walking like a penguin where you seal your hands to your thighs. A unilateral golf swing will look like swinging the arms briskly. You can have a unilateral platform on your golf swing (the brace tilt). This is like swinging in bilateral motion except that you back leg is a bit behind you.

In this section, Shawn Clement talks about the platform in the bilateral motion. You have to have a solid platform to when swing in bilateral motion. I you feel that your feet are not planted solidly on the ground watch your center of gravity. And brink it further back and down.

In this section, Shawn Clement will teach you a secret of awareness that is going to make a huge difference in your game. You must feel like you are already in motion. Address the ball with your right heel slightly off the ground and the leg a little bit forward and feel your arms like it is in the process of falling into the backswing. When you feel that your arms are in the process of falling you will fall that gravity is tracking them then you are going to find the right timing in the swing easy.

In this section, Shawn Clement will show you the perpetual motion drill.

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